Darren Willman drives companies to improve their commercial value by helping them become more sustainable and purposeful. He is currently the Global Environment Manager for Garrett Advancing Motion, an automotive technology provider that enables vehicles to become safer and environmentally friendly.

Prior to Garrett, Darren facilitated and enabled such progress for clients and partners of Sustainalytics, the Sustainability Advantage program of the New South Wales Government (Australia), Climate Friendly (now The South Pole Group) and the world-leading IMD Business School. His expertise spans across CSR/sustainability strategy and shared value, corporate governance, sustainable procurement, carbon/energy productivity and circular economy.

Darren is passionate about capacity building on sustainability in Australia and Romania. In Romania, Darren actively supports the Romanian CSR Index, the Association of Romanian Investor Relations VEKTOR Project, and the Sustainability Embassy. In Australia, he was a key player in the Australian construction industry’s commitment to procuring sustainable site facilities, and a waste-to-resource regional network to divert waste from landfill and create jobs.

He has published articles in local Australian and Romanian corporate sustainability media, but also with the Wall Street Journal and IMD. He has also spoken at numerous conferences worldwide; Darren founded and led a youth communications project at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in 2009.

Outside of sustainability, Darren loves spending time with his wife and French Bulldog, travelling the world, playing squash and being creative.